Chris Harris Hoons a Pagani Huayra to Promote GRID 2 Racing Game

The GRID 2 racing game, developed by industry veterans Codemasters, came out earlier this year and was received quite well by the critics. It allows players to drive some of the hottest cars in the world around a wide variety of tracks, some of which are set in familiar urban settings in Paris or some North American locations. One of the main selling points of the game, I think, is the easy to pick up car control, which is really a solid compromise between simulators and arcade racers – for a game designed to have mass appeal, it’s apparently not bad at all… This is partly down to Codemarsters’ experience in the field, but also Chris Harris’ input throughout the development process (probably), “to provide insight into car handling and vehicle selection for the game.” Now, after having released a video of him improving his game behind the wheel of a virtual McLaren MP4-12C, then putting his skills to good use on the real track, now he’s shown driving the wheels off a Pagani Huayra, in Italy, around a track. Also, if you aren’t familiar with GRID 2, there’s are a couple of balanced reviews of it posted below, in video form. Keep in mind, though, that this is a thoroughly commercial game, and if you’re looking for the ultimate simulation challenge, it probably isn’t for you. Finally, there should also be a third video in this series featuring Harris, though we don’t know when it will be released.By Andrei Nedelea