Fan-Made 2014 Corvette Stingray Configurator is Pretty Nifty

If you take into consideration the Corvette’s established name in the sports car market, its looks, performance and comparatively (in the U.S.) affordable pricing, then the hype surrounding the new model with the Stingray designation is completely justified. Naturally, some people are more hyped about it than others are – so much so, that the members of the Dot3Studios came up with their own online configurator for the 2014 Corvette Stingray. “We decided to go ahead and do the most hard core version of fan art you can see out there and produce a fully capable configurator for the newest Vette. Why? Because well, we couldn’t find one from Chevrolet. You’re welcome,” reads the text on their page. Dot3Studios configurator went online on Saturday. While we do appreciated the work they did, we’ll have to correct them as there has been an online configurator for the Stingray on Chevrolet’s site since February – it’s just not clearly identified on the page as you have to select “Specs” to see it (or simply click here to see the page) Configurator Link: Buildyourc7