Fisker May Fall Into German Hands for $25 Million

The Fisker Karma is too pretty a car for the world to lose right now, and it genuinely doesn’t seem to want to go away peacefully. After making us think things were all-but dead and buried, it has now come to our attention that a German company called Fritz Nois AG is interested in acquiring Fisker for $25 / €18.8 million, according to Autobild magazine. Reportedly, the investment firm wants to relocate production from Finland into the US, where it should have been all along, and make 2,500 Karmas per year, though we don’t exactly know where and how they’ll be getting the battery packs to do this. Finally, the last stage of the plan is once production of the Karma is up and running, to then concentrate on putting the other planned models into production. The $25 million they’re offering may seem like pennies, compared to the $1.4 / €1.05 billion the company reportedly lost while in operation, but at least it would be a new start for it, and, like I said in the first paragraph, a service to the world by making pretty cars again, ones that people can look at and enjoy. The proposal is now awaiting approval from the Department of Energy (DoE), and only then will it be taken into account as a serious offer. Hopefully, we’ll have more news on this matter in the near future. By Andrei Nedelea
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