Here's How to Spend £100,000 or $155,000 on Options for a Ferrari 458 Italia

If you can afford a Ferrari, you can definitely afford to throw in a few optional extras, right? Well, if you’re wealthy it’s not a problem, you can even have Ferrari build you a one-off model. If you’re “only” rich though, you may have to do the math before you start splashing your cash on options. Because it Ferrari charges for extras much more than what you may have thought… The video that follows is a good example, showing a £278,000 ($433,100) Ferrari 458 Italia. Although the list price for this model was £178,000 ($277,300), the owner added options worth almost £100,000 ($155,800). Wonder what kind of extras could possibly add up to this sum? Well, the people from FortyOneSix inventoried the optional extras and found out the owner didn’t mind spending £13,000 ($15,160) on carbon fiber engine bits, £5,100 ($5,950) on a carbon fiber rear diffuser, £5,000 ($5,830) on carbon fiber sill covers and…well you get the idea. For the entire list, hit play on the video below. As long as you don’t make comparisons with how much your car costs, you should be okay.By Dan Mihalascu