Hummer Gone Wild is on a Road Sign Rampage

If you weren’t scared of big Hummers on the road, maybe this video will change your mind. We don’t know if you’ve seen it before, (evidently, we hadn’t, though, we are going to mention that, from a quick search on YouTube, the oldest version we found is from 2009), but it shows a white Hummer H2 on a road rage rampage. Filmed from another vehicle, the Hummer goes on and off the road taking with it more road signs than we care to count. It’s hard to be certain from the blurry footage, but from the speed signs and the left-hand drive roads, it looks like the incident took place somewhere in North America. For a more humorous experience, you can mute the sound of the first clip and play the sounds of the second one featuring Canadian comedian Will Sasso.