Intoxicated Lady Crashes Tesla Model S into Telephone Pole, Discovers It’s Quite Safe…

Remember the (older) lady who wanted to carve out her own drive-through, using her Tesla Model S as a luxurious leather-clad all-electric bulldozer to break one of the walls of her favorite restaurant? Well, now, another woman crashed her Model S, though this time, the circumstances were a bit different… A 34 year-old driver took down a electricity pole in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and was later discovered to have been under the influence of spirits (alcohol). Apparently, when she was asked to hand over her driver’s license, she did so promptly, but gave it to the firefighter standing right next to the cop which had asked for it – this aroused suspicion, and rightfully so… She reportedly told the officer that she was “messing with the radio” before the accident happened. Aside from damaging the car, which apparently had all 8 airbags deployed, there were no injuries associated with this crash. The largest disturbance was, in fact, the power outage caused by the pole and the sadness of what is said to be one of the only cars of its kind in the state. By Andrei Nedelea Story References & Photos: Wgnsradio via Green-Autoblog