Mercedes-Benz CW 311 Supercar, aka Isdera Imperator Prototype for Sale in Germany

An ultra-rare classic Mercedes-Benz CW 311 prototype (originally conceived as a rival for the Ford GT40) is up for sale in Germany, for just under one million euros. It’s the car that Mercedes didn’t want to put into production, and so, in order for it to still get made, the very low volume Isdera brand was born – their own variant, called Imperator 108i,  was a direct descendant of the Mercedes model. With production figures in the dozens, these vehicles are extremely rare, and even in their native country, few get to see them. The price could be justifiable by the exclusivity alone, but for the money, you get a very special car, with an interesting story, and excellent performance figures, even by today’s standards – this one gets a 5.5-liter V8, which pumps out a claimed 405 PS (400 hp), and it’s good for a top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph). Factor in the added bonus of it being a prototype and you’ll be able to justify it to your wife in no time, and aside from that there’s also the design which is at least interesting, and the car seems younger than its production year of 1984 would suggest. Below you will find images of the car on sale as well as a video of the CW311. By Andrei Nedelea Shout-out to Christian K for the tip!