New 2015 Ford Mustang Coupe Renders

We still have several months left to cross the final corner of the sprint and head to the finish line that is the world premiere of the all-new, sixth generation Ford Mustang in April, 2014, on the 50th birthday of the series. That means there’s plenty of time for speculation, especially of the drawing kind. These fresh renderings of the new Mustang were commissioned by the folks running the Mustang6G forums and made by an old acquaintance of ours, Dutch photoshop artist Wildspeed. We can’t help but notice that the 2015 Mustang shown in these renders, looks more like a modern evolution of the fourth-generation pony car, and especially of the redesigned and SN-95 codenamed “New Edge” model built from 1999 through 2004. Or at least that’s what we see, and as always, you’re free to leave your thoughts and comments below. Story References: Mustang6G
Thanks to Cody for the submission!