New Honda NSX, Lexus LF-CC and Nissan GT-R GT500 Racers Meet Up in Suzuka

Two major players in Japan’s popular Super GT500 Championship, Honda and Lexus, displayed their new racing models for the 2014 season at the Suzuka Circuit this weekend, where they were joined by their main competitor, the Nissan GT-R. Both Honda and Lexus opted to base their GT500 racing cars on concept models intended for production, with the former using the upcoming NSX Coupe (to be sold as an Acura in North America) that complies with the 2014 regulations on GT500 vehicles featuring a mid-mounted 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine and an electric motor, and the latter the LF-CC Concept that previews the IS sedan-based RC. The three Japanese coupes were introduced at the Suzuka Circuit ahead of the fifth round of the 2013 GT500 season. The Nissan GT-R and the Honda NSX GT completed a quick lap around the track, while the Lexus LF-CC only made it as far as the starting line for a photo shoot as a technical problem prohibited the car from taking part in the demo run.