Nissan X-Patrol SUV Design Study Delves Into the Future

Like it or not, all-around capable SUVs, tougher off-roaders and practical crossovers are here to stay, slowly but steadily eating away the market pie from mainstream sedans and hatchbacks in most segments that they compete in. You may have thought that there were already enough SUVs in the market, but the new breed of sub-compact crossovers like the Nissan Juke and Renault Captur prove that there is plenty of room for fresh proposals and growth. Automakers are well aware of this and are constantly testing the waters – Kia’s upcoming B-segment crossover and Jaguar’s SUV study that are both due to be unveiled in Frankfurt next month, are just two recent examples. However, it’s not only major automotive brands that are revealing new concept cars; independent designers are also following the trend. IED Turin graduate Samir Sadikhov from Azerbaijan has released his latest conceptual effort named the Nissan X-Patrol. The futuristic-looking model is a study for a new Patrol model, which Sadikhov says, “pays homage to the extreme enthusiasts’ Nissan vehicles in form and off-road capability” while re-interpreting the Japanese carmaker’s design language. If you hop over the break, you’ll find plenty more pictures of the X-Patrol in more than one variations. Designer: Samir Sadikhov