Opel and Vauxhall Release Official Information on Monza Concept [w/Video]

The new Opel/Vauxhall Monza concept shows off a very strange and futuristic car, which will begin to influencing the design of all future models made by GM-owned brand. It’s a kind of coupe/estate mishmash, though, it’s neither really, with spectacular oversized gullwing doors, and sleek almost Italian lines. Now, after having been teased and leaked, the German manufacturer has finally released comprehensive information about it, just ahead of its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, in September. What sounded interesting to us was the “LED projection technology” which they have used for the infotainment system and instruments” “Drivers no longer find the conventional individual, separate monitors that display different information; instead, they face a wide, sculpted dashboard that sweeps from door to door, and is used as a single projection surface. Information and decorative elements are displayed on the surface, which the driver can customize according to his needs, taste or mood,” says Opel adding that no fewer than 18 LED projectors are used to create it – impressive stuff! Back to the exterior, the Monza measures 4.69 meters / 15.38 feet in length, yet Opel has tried to hide its dimensions somewhat by making it seem light. The design “conveys athletic efficiency rather than pure muscle power.” Yes, there is a lot of quoting going on, but there would be no point in trying to rephrase concepts like “sculptural artistry meets German precision,” which happens to be the design philosophy behind it, and it works. On the tech side of things, the car uses a modular design, to accommodate different types of powertrains with ease. For instance, the Frankfurt concept will be powered by a variation of the system used in the Opel/Vauxhall Ampera and Chevrolet/Holden Volt. However, here, the ageing 1.4-liter range-extender has been replaced by a more modern 1.0-liter SIDI turbo unit running on green(er) CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). For the brands it serves, the Monza concept prophesizes some nice looking cars in the future, a trend which has already been started, in fact, and things have moved on considerably since the days of the last-gen Vectra – if only they made the seats in their cars softer and more comfortable too… By Andrei Nedelea