Peugeot Test the Waters with 266HP 308 R Concept Hot hatch – First Photos

All the big shot hot hatch players on the market nowadays have around 250 hp, and once you’ve made that realization, you understand that most either go up or down from that baseline industry standard figure, and depending on what car you want, take it from there. Peugeot is proposing an offering on the upper side of 250, with their proposed 308 R concept. Technically, the 308 R Concept utilizes the powertrain from the RCZ R concept, so as to put it back in the big league of big power hatches. That 1.6-liter turbocharged unit makes 266 hp (270PS) and 330 Nm / 243 lb-ft and drives the front wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox and a traction-enhancing limited-slip differential. The photos show a lower and wider car that sits well on the large RCZ R-sourced 19-inch rims. At the back, the more pronounced haunches are much more visible, and the indent left by the difficult shape of the rear light is clearly visible in the puffed-up carbon-fiber bodywork. As usual with Peugeot, the car will be pretty much move into production as you see it, but hopefully the questionable two-tone paintjob won’t make it to production, because I think it’s the least successful part of the whole design. It may go will with the interior, which we haven’t seen yet, but we will, as the 308 R is set to debut at the Frankfurt motor show, very soon. By Andrei Nedelea