"Samir, Please" is Probably the Funniest Rally Video Ever

Being a rally co-driver is in my view one of the scariest jobs on the planet: you have no control whatsoever on a car that’s being driven at insane speeds on narrow, winding roads; you sit so low inside that you don’t see much through the windows and you’re likely to experience the worst part of an impact as it is proven that drivers instinctively protect themselves by directing the other side of the car into obstacles in the event of a crash. However, the job becomes infinitely more dangerous when the person doing the driving is, let’s just say, incompetent behind the wheel… We don’t know why Vivek, the co-driver in the following video from an Indian rally, accepted to co-drive a guy called Samir, but he surely breathed a sigh of relief after the stage ended. What happened was that Samir didn’t listen to any of his co-driver’s instructions, driving chaotically and nearly hitting a spectator (at the 1:13 minute mark). But do you think that Vivek’s screaming and begging made him more reasonable? Well, the dialogue between the two (or rather monologue) sums up his attitude pretty well: “Samir, what are you doing my friend?” The answer comes in a very Kimi Raikkonen-style: “Shut up! Don’t tell me how to drive.” You can watch the hilarious rally stage in the video below. By Dan Mihalascu