Report Says Audi Official Confirms New Q7 e-tron Plug-in Hybrid

The Audi Q7 full-sized SUV is now about six years old, and has already undergone surgery once to be kept relevant. However, an all-new model is still two years away, and it promises to be better and greener than the current model, in the hopes that it will catch up to the competition which it currently lags behind of in the segment. A report recently featured on CarAdvice of Australia, which spoke with Audi’s local managing director, Andrew Doyle, says that the all-new model will be getting an electrified e-tron version, though no specifics were mentioned. However, this shouldn’t surprise you, because “it (e-tron) will be rolled out across all the models now.” In fact, you probably won’t even have to wait until the next Q7, because there’s a chance that the current generation will get it too, after it has had its second and final makeover, which will bring the model’s looks in line with the sharper lines found on the brand’s other offerings, as well as offer fresh tech. So, it seems that aside from the all-electric R8, Audi is really committed to electrification, and since their A3 e-tron plug-in hybrid model, which debuted at this year’s edition of the Geneva motor show, has a claimed average consumption (with the use of the electric motor) of just 1.5 l/100 km (156.8 mpg US or 188.3 mpg UK) we can’t call it a bad thing. Still, even if it will never reach that figure when driven like a normal car, at least in the lab tests it proved efficient. By Andrei Nedelea Note: Audi Q5 pictured above, new Q7 test mule below