Secret Semi-Official Holden Monaro VF Surfaces Online

The 2001 Holden Monaro V8 coupe was probably one of the best Australian cars of recent memory, and it found fans not only in its home market, but also in the US and UK, where it was sold as Pontiac and Vauxhall respectively. Sadly, in the current economic climate and packed state of the GM rage, particularly in the US, it would not be particularly lucrative to create another one, based on the new Commodore. It was still done, though, after-hours by the Holden designers, who came up with the shape that you see below. However, the process of engineering and putting it into production is expensive, and GM hasn’t really been throwing cash around to get itself more sporty cars – it doesn’t need to, though, as it has what announces to be an excellent halo model, the Stingray. The information comes courtesy of the Sydney Motoring Herald’s automotive section, and the source article also suggest the existence of the Camaro as another reason why this VF Commodore-based Monaro Coupe would not be a viable endeavor, as it would eat into the iconic sports/muscle car’s territory – at least in North America. People would still like to see it materialize, as the poll at the bottom of the Australian report reveals unequivocally. It’s totally understandable, given the success of the Monaro, a car which has really achieved cult status by not only having a historically-significant name, but also being a solid performance model with plenty to like. It looks good too, this new rendered one, and the fact that it has some Cadillac CTS coupe in its styling (at the back) is not a bad thing at all. Wouldn’t you agree? By Andrei Nedelea