See the Work that MT Put Into Making a Spot for the Jaguar XFR-S

Jaguar apparently asked MotorTrend’s Mind Over Eye division to create a video spot for their hot XFR-S. It takes some work to make a spot worthy of being shown to other discerning individuals, and aside from having a numerous team and some money to get the job done, such an effort needs coordination and especially a great idea. In the video below, the process of creating what I think is a good short promo, is detailed. The end result seamlessly blends very close action shots with some computer generated (CG) particles, while at the end of the spot, it’s CG again that helps finish it off and make a mark. Too bad the XFR-S is not as good as its German rivals as a performance machine, because is in the looks department, it’s the winner – in my book, at least. By Andrei Nedelea