Spied: New Mercedes-Benz SLC Benchmarked Against the GT-R

You can take your pick on which sports cars better suit the style and character of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz SLC, but aside from the obvious choice that is the Porsche 911 series, Stuttgart is also eyeing the Nissan GT-R, if not for its looks, it’s undisputed performance credentials for sure. The prototype of the SLC that’s pictured here driving on and around the Nürburgring track is still wrapped in silky black tape, but the shape of the coupe model is slowly becoming more clear to the eye. Codenamed C190, the SLC will have a less retro and more modern look than the SLS AMG in order to appeal to a younger crowd, and in the process, make it more desirable as a…youth elixir of sorts to the older buyers that will continue to form Mercedes‘ customer base. From the spy pictures, we can see that it will be fitted with conventional doors instead of Gullwing doors of the SLS AMG. We still don’t know for sure whether the SLC will act as a replacement for the SLS AMG or take a spot right under it in Mercedes’ sports car lineup. What we have heard about the SLC, is that it will ride on a modified version of the SLS’s front-mid-engine platform, and will have an entry-level price of around $100,000, or about half the cost of the SLS. Engine choices are believed to include up to three turbocharged V8 powerplants delivering up to 600 horses, with an entry level turbocharged V6 also being considered. The SLC is likely to arrive in the market within the next two years. Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoopS