Subaru Driver Ogling Rolls Royce Phantom Drophhead Crashes Into a Mercedes

Many objects can divert a driver’s attention from where it should always be: the wheel and on the road. Anything from cell phones to sexy women / men walking down the street, and from poorly placed / taste billboards to rare and exclusive rides, have the potential to distract drivers. For this Subaru driver in Beverly Hills, the culprit was a tarnished-brass colored Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe with its top down waiting to turn at a red light. While taking a good look at the Rolls, he failed to see the Mercedes in front of him and well, let’s just say his insurance is ready for lift off. The man who filmed the accident, Jason Thorgalsen, said: “Beverly Hills is pretty ridiculous this summer with all the cars shipped here from the Middle East. I love seeing all the incredible cars and I decided to shoot video the first time I saw this gold Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe. The Rolls Royce had absolutely zero involvement with the crash to be clear. Going the other direction I’m not exactly sure what happened but it seems 2 drivers became distracted looking at the RR and crashed. Seems like a bad day for the guy in the Subaru.”