The Name is DBC, Aston Martin DBC, and it's a Sexy Study for a Mid-Engine Supercar

With the demise of the limited run One-77, there’s an empty spot to fill in Aston Martin’s lineup, that of an extreme ‘halo’ supercar to justify the brand’s ambitions to compete with the best of the best. Before we go into deeper details about the Aston Martin DBC that was penned to play the role of a flagship supercar, allow us to tell you that it’s not an official concept from Aston, but a study from a talented young designer who you’re probably familiar with on these pages: Samir Sadikhov. The most refreshing thing about the Azerbaijani designer’s mid-engine DBC study is how it avoids repeating the same-old and overused Aston Martin styling treats, giving it a more sharper and distinct look – you won’t have any problem distinguishing it from any of the other models in AM’s lineup. Thankfully, the traditional Aston Martin design cues are limited to the front grille shape and the side strikes. “It was important to ensure that the car’s design was pure, clean and modern, while at the same time, you should be able to put your hand over the front nose badge and still recognize the car as an Aston Martin,” Sadikhov told Carscoops in an email message. “The design direction of DBC was to make the car look like a muscular athlete wearing a tailor-made suit,” the designer added. You can take a closer look at the Aston Martin DBC Concept in the gallery below the jump. Designer: Samir Sadikhov


  • That Ross Chap

    Aston Martin – please make this. It’s awesome.
    Only thing I can say against it is the rear doesn’t have the fluidity of traditional Aston’s and from some front angles it doesn’t look quite right but other than that…

  • Nik

    Looks very nice

  • iTsLiKeAnEgG

    That looks great. Plenty of recognizable Aston without the all too common “oh god its another similarly styled Aston”.

  • Garrett Spicer

    They REALLY need to get away from those tail lights. Every car they make has them and it’s just killing it. If they changed them I would absolutely love it.

    Until then, I just like it.

  • Shobin Drogan

    this is what aston martin is all about not repeating the same car in different special editions! just jaw dropping elegance

    • MarketAndChurch

      This jaw dropping elegance will likely beat anything they unveil at Frankfurt autoshow… a one-punch knock-out and it’s not even real but just a rendering from a very creative designer who “get’s it”…

  • Six_Tymes

    WOW! WOW! WOW! one more, WOW!

  • MarketAndChurch

    That is perhaps the most beautiful mid-engined rendering of an Aston Sports car, ever penned. Congratz to Samir, well done, and hopefully AM hires him.

  • Ringo

    Wao!!! Awesome, most beautifull super car design I’ve ever seen…hope it becomes a reality.

  • Mike

    Overall it is very good. Looking at the slide show I was wondering why more vents in the front than the rear of a mid-engine car. Until the last shot showing the lame theft of a “heritage” element from a front engine model. I thought the design idea was to move forward.

  • MJ Coffey

    What a beauty!

  • donald seymour


  • Dash Eight

    The headlights reminds me of Porsche 918’s. Nevertheless, indeed this is one good looking Aston

  • Nate


    Never really cared much about Astons beyond Aston Martin V8 (69-89) and Aston Martin Virage / Vantage / Le Mans (89-00), while recent models seem with few exceptions to always look the same.

    If in the event Aston somehow decides to build something like this, they should either make the front-end much less derivative or preferably drop the Post-DB7 family / corporate look entirely prior to the DBC reaching production.

  • fabri99

    It looks sensational!
    Please make it…


  • superraf

    Holy sh**!
    That’s just stunnig!

  • Lagonda

    Up there with the very best

  • SomeRandomCommenter

    Aston Martin should fire all of their designers and hire this guy. Stunning work.

  • john1168


  • jh

    great! just great!

  • Six Thousand Times

    You’ll recognize that rear fender line from Jaguar’s CX-75. From an engineering standpoint, I suppose it’s possible that those front-mounted intakes could lead to a “tunnel” back to the radiators but that wouldn’t leave any room for the side-intrusion beam so…back to the drawing board, eh, Samir?

  • Andrew

    Wow I’m actually floored by this design. It looks awazing. The rear lights are a bit small but as it is right now, it is still a helluva thing to look at. I wish it were real

  • todd

    Where’s the side scoops?

    • buzz

      The scoops are on the roof and under the car

  • Jesse

    Well they have been saying that Aston needed to step it up cause Bentley and Bugatti had a crazy new lineup. All I have to say is they better look out if this is made, and I have to disagree with some of you about the taillight s. I love the look of them.

  • lilsatan

    This is the best looking car I’ve seen in 20 years. Aston are crazy if they don’t build it. I bet it would also make an amazing 2+2.

  • klowik

    I haven’t seen such a good design for a long time. It’s immediately recognizable as Ashton Martin, not another Lambo or Ferrari variants.

  • Dan Facciolo


  • aks

    the badest car they’ve designed so far meaning the best

  • Márk Gázser

    Dear Aston Martin, hire this guy. NOW!

  • SP1966

    I love the car! That doesn’t mean I would want it, this isn’t Aston to me. I love Aston’s place in the market, its unique, near Ferrari performance with Rolls level luxury and big V8/V12 power!!

    The world doesn’t need another mid-engine exotic.

  • Doc_V

    Build it please! … It’s about time AM got away from the same stale design! …To the uneducated eye, every AM of the past 20 years looks nearly identical.

  • Rashid Ws

    that looks amazing , creative lines over there .

  • Rudi

    What happened with ASTON’s side gills?? noo…

    • Guest

      The slit is still there.

    • Majestic

      Look on the door.

  • buzz

    The ferrari 458 italia has radiators in the front of the car and small scoops behind the rear window and under the car ahead of the rear wheels. It doesnt have side scoops or vents. This arrangement could work with this car. The side vents on the doors of the dbc may be used to vent heat from the front brakes.

  • Tommy Ferrugia

    It’s an intriguing design. It’s proportions are wholly contradictory to the traditional AM form (which relies heavily on design language that screams ‘front-engined, rear-driven’) but is still very clearly identifiable as an AM design. While AM’s given no indication that it ever intends to build anything with an engine mounted behind the driver, the grille and rear-fender integration are definitely worth exploring for production vehicles.

  • Tbone

    Without a doubt the sexiest car made to date!!!