This Brit Says he Gave Up his Ferrari for a Toyota Prius and he Couldn't be Happier

Some people -you can call them gearheads- would give their souls to drive, let alone, own a Ferrari, regardless of what they think about the company and its practices. In reality, only a very tiny percentage of those people manage to make their dreams of getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari come true. The head of the Hyatt family is one of those lucky individuals – or at least he thought he was, according to this video-interview-promo from Toyota of Britain. The man, whose first name is not mentioned in the clip, says that he gave up an unspecified Ferrari (he is seen playing around with an F355 Spider die-cast model, so that might be the one) for a –let the drums roll- a Toyota Prius. “Performance cars have been in my blood since I was a kid,” says Mr. Hyatt. “There came a point in my life when I could actually afford the car of my dreams, which was a Ferrari. All went smooth until I got into the car and absolutely hated it.” Mr. Hyatt attempts to explain why he went for the Prius (we mention it in case you fall asleep watching the video): “When I first started looking at the Prius, I loved the engineering –I’m an engineer by background – and I love the engineering behind the hybrid system, the reputation that the Japanese manufacturers have for extremely high quality and reliability. I enjoyed the actual driving experience in the Prius, because it is so relaxing. That’s “what I enjoy about it” It is true that appearances can be deceiving, but after watching this video, personally, I must note that I find it very difficult to imagine Mr. Hyatt as being your typical sports car owner, even more so of a specialized Italian exotic such as a Ferrari. In fact, his super mild demeanor, quiet manner, drowsy voice and not to mention all the qualities he looks for in a car, all point to what many usually describe as your archetypal Prius owner/buyer… In other words, this video does more to perpetuate the stereotypes than break them. By John Halas