Toyota Wants to Give GT86 a Smaller Brother, Says Report

If the Toyota GT86, one of the more affordable rear-wheel drive sports cars in the market, is still a bit of a financial stretch for you in these recession-stricken times, then perhaps what you will read below will make you a little bit less cross about it. CarAdvice of Australia is reporting that Toyota’s sports car program chief engineer, Tatsuya Tada, wants a range of three offerings, with the GT86 being placed in the middle. It will be flanked above by the spiritual successor to the Supra, the one being developed with BMW, while right below will sit a new smaller model. However, it’s not Tada that will be handling this project, but another chief engineer, as he is busy with the bigger model. Moreover, just like the GT86 that was developed and built in collaboration with Subaru, this baby-sports car may follow the same philosophy. Regarding the question of the car being rear-wheel driven, Tada insisted that Toyota has what it takes to make it happen and make it a financially viable endeavor. It may even get its own new, bespoke platform. A list of possible names is put forth too, and while MR2 and Celica sound like valid ideas, chances are it will be named something completely new, but with historic and emotional significance. We won’t speculate. Note: Mid-engined Toyota MR2 pictured below – would be nice if they pulled off the mid-engined trick again with this new small sports car too By Andrei Nedelea