Wald Previews New Porsche Cayenne II Sports Line Black Bison Edition

Just the other day, we were telling you about two upcoming projects from Wald International for the facelifted Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan and the new generation of the Japanese market Toyota Crown. As it turns out, the tuning firm has yet another car in the works, this time based on the second generation Porsche Cayenne. Wald’s new package goes under the “Sports Line Black Bison Edition” name and it is teased through a rendering of what the kitted out Cayenne SUV will look like when it is released later this year, as well as via a series of photos from the development phase where we see the clay artists at work. The Japanese brand isn’t sharing any information on the Porsche project, but we can say for sure that it will include an aggressive looking bodykit comprising a new LED-daytime running lights-equipped front bumper, wheel arch extensions with matching rocker panels, a vented hood, roof and tailgate spoilers, plus a rear diffuser and bumper package. A pair of exhaust finishers in Wald-style together with optional alloy wheels should complete the makeover package.