Wall Ends Overly-Zealous Attempt at Cornering for Jaguar XJ Supersprt Nürburgring Taxi

Big cars with long wheelbases aren’t renowned for their agility or handling prowess, and even if the Jaguar XJ Supersport packs 503 hp and a mostly-aluminum construction, and has some of the better handling characteristics in the class, it’s still a heavy and cumbersome beast. There is so much inertia at play, that if you overstep the margin and go into a corner a bit too quickly, all you can really do is brace for impact. That was the fate suffered by this matter-grey XJ Supersport used as a ‘Ring Taxi, when it did just that – crash into a wall. Clearly, the driver was going too quickly one corner prior to crashing, as he or she did not manage to stick to the racing line for the actual corner that was the stage for the crash. The brakes were applied violently, smoke came out, but its trajectory was already compromised – they should have been applied one corner prior, in a more gentle fashion, and perhaps the big Jag would have not dented the rail. Still, the car proved very sturdy, and despite suffering some damage, it will most likely be swiftly repaired to continue its duty of ferrying passengers around the ‘Ring at speed, but hopefully better from now on.By Andrei Nedelea Story References: YouTube via Autoblog-nl