2015 Honda Civic Type R from the Photoshopping Block

After many years of axing sports cars from its range, Honda has finally laid down plans to add performance-orientated models in its lineup, starting from 2015 with the Civic Type R and the new generation NSX (Acura in North America). While it won’t be offered in North America, the Civic Type R is nonetheless a highly anticipated arrival in the hot hatch category, especially after Honda confirmed that it will feature a brand new 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four with more than 280-horsepower. And oh, did we mention that the Japanese carmaker said it aims to set a lap record for FWD production cars on the ‘Ring? Looks like the Renault Megane RS TS (current lap holder – see video here) and the upcoming VW Golf R might have something to worry about. Up until now, we’ve see official and unofficial spy shots of the car, as well an artist’s rendering from our own Josh Byrnes. This week, the guys from ATC-Design contacted us and shared these fresh photoshops they made of the 2015 Civic Type R in a variety of different colors – you know, so you can decided which one you want when it becomes available. Feel free to take a closer look in the gallery that follows. Rendering Credits: ATC-Design