Bugatti Reportedly Confirms Veyron Replacement, Says It Won't Challenge SS’s Top Speed

After finding out that Bugatti was very seriously considering stopping work altogether on the Galibier sedan, we started wondering what the VW-owned brand had planned for the future. We thought a saloon-type vehicle would have been much more fitting, given the brand’s illustrious history, but then again, we understand why they would want to follow up on the Veyron, a car that everybody everywhere knows is the fastest car in the world, even though some would argue against that claim… Now, a report published by Drive says Bugatti confirmed that the next model planned will indeed be a supercar like the Veyron, though it will not try to match it in terms of performance or top speed, because “you cannot succeed the Veyron,” as Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, president of Bugatti, told them. It struck me a bit just how eager he seemed to achieve the set production figure of 450, and then move on from the Veyron, a car which they reportedly sold at a colossal loss. “We will close that chapter of Bugatti and the Veyron after these 450 cars and we will never open it,” Schreiber said. I imagine this means they will be trying to make some money from their next model, and I have a hunch that it will never match the exclusivity of the Veyron, or have a name with as profound a resonance as it. Sure, it’s elitism pushed to the extreme, but that does in no way detract from its merits as a usable, very exclusive and blisteringly quick package. This raises questions as to where exactly they will position this new car, price- and production run-wise too. The VW group is already covering several supercar niches with the various Audi R8s its offers, and the recently-unveiled Porsche 918 Spyder takes care of the higher echelons too. By Andrei Nedelea