Citroen Reveals Cactus Concept, Previews Upcoming C4 Crossover [57 Photos & Videos]

Citroen has lifted the veils off its Cactus study that will make its international premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week. A successor to the 2007 Citroen C-Cactus concept car, the new study previews Citroen’s upcoming C-line models, more specifically the first of these models, a compact crossover model likely to be named the C4 Cactus (and not a sub-compact hatch as was previously reported). The size of a compact hatchback (4,210mm long and 1,750mm wide), the Cactus concept has a crossover appearance (210mm ground clearance) and features functional, rounded styling that focuses on light weight and aerodynamics. There’s no aggressiveness in its lines thanks to the flowing surfaces, but the thin LED headlights offer it a high-tech gaze. Citroen says the front end of the Cactus previews the look of C-line models. The main highlights of the car are the so-called “Airbumps”, customizable design components covered with a soft skin featuring air capsules that protect the bodywork against light impacts. The skin of the Airbump features a soft treatment that resists scratches and includes air capsules that dampen impact. These capsules are placed in the most likely to be hit areas of the car: the bumpers and the sides. The interior is dominated by sofa-style front seats, a floating dashboard that fully frees up the floor below. The instrument cluster has been replaced with a 7-inch screen, while an 8-inch touchscreen takes the place of the control buttons for all vehicle functions. The gearstick has also been replaced with push-button controls on the lower part of the dashboard and steering-wheel paddles. Under the hood, the Cactus features the new Hybrid Air drivetrain that combines compressed air and the hydraulics of a PureTech petrol engine. Average fuel consumption is rated at under 3 l/100 km (78.4 mpg US) with Citroen saying the technology allows a 45 percent reduction in fuel consumption in urban driving. By Dan Mihalascu