Compilation of Crazy Pedestrians Proves Drivers Can Never Be Too Cautious

Warning: Even though all pedestrians made it out alive, viewers may find some of the incidents disturbing We are accustomed to seeing videos with crazy car crashes from Russia, but we have to admit that accidents in which pedestrians throw themselves in front of cars are not very common. The following video compilation includes exactly that: pedestrians throwing themselves in the path of oncoming cars usually for fraud (to trick drivers into giving them money to avoid being reported to the police) or simply because they have a death wish. Perhaps the most disturbing scene is the one when a man lies down on the pedestrian crossing and is run over by a Mitsubishi Outlander SUV, although the driver of the car had enough space to see the troubled pedestrian. Besides this serious accident, the rest seem to have minor consequences for the reckless pedestrians. You can watch them all in the video posted below.By Dan Mihalascu