Consumer Reports Discusses whether American Cars Are Getting Better

In recent years, the quality and reliability of cars has improved all over the world, but the public’s perception doesn’t always keep up with reality. In a recent episode of Consumer Reports’ “Talking Cars” show, the hosts discuss whether American cars have improved lately in terms of quality and reliability. Let’s not forget that not long ago, American-brand cars didn’t enjoy a good reputation, especially in terms of interior quality, overall fit and finish and engine performance and fuel economy. So what is happening now with the U.S. auto industry? Consumer Reports editors believe American automakers have generally caught up with their Japanese and European competitors in recent years, and new products like the Chevrolet Impala prove that. The 17-minute episode then continues with a very open discussion about new models such as the Acura MDX, Mitsubishi Outlander, Fiat 500L and Kia Soul. Scroll down to watch what Consumer Reports’ editors have to say about these cars – FYI, some of them are simply demolished.By Dan Mihalascu