First Official Photo of New Jaguar C-X17 Sport Crossover Concept [Updated]

If you want another reason to follow our comments sections, here’s one: in our post on the mystery Frankfurt Motor Show debut teased in a cropped picture, Carscoops reader Alex not only seems to have solved the riddle, but he also provided us with what appears to be the first official photo of the spanking new Jaguar C-X17 SUV Concept. Now, we have yet to confirm this through an official channel, so we’ll leave a small question mark, but the image does look genuine and the tires and bumper-vent details match the aforementioned cropped photo. With the exception of a darkened teaser image, the concept’s name and the fact that it was created “as a design study to introduce Jaguar’s new, highly-advanced, modular aluminum architecture,” the British carmaker hasn’t released anything else and is being quiet secretive on the matter. We’ll post any updates we receive or find on this page. Thanks to Alex for the share! Update: It’s an official image as pointed out by reader Gonçalo, whom we thank as well!