Ford Tries Luxury Again with Mondeo Vignale Concepts Previewing New Sub-Brand [72 Pics]

Much like Ghia, Vignale was once an Italian automobile coachbuilder company before it fell into the hands of Ford and got lost in its vast portfolio of names and products. After burning / turning Ghia into a trim grade for better-equipped models, Ford had to find another name to place on its newly envisioned luxury sub-brand, so it resurrected the Vignale moniker.

While the new Mondeo-based Vignale sedan and estate concept cars displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show come with distinguishable styling features, enhanced specifications and more premium materials inside, Ford says the Vignale sub-brand will take the idea one step further by offerings special services as well.

These amenities will include collection and delivery for vehicle servicing, free lifetime carwashes and invitations to exclusive events.

“Our vision for the Vignale product range is to deliver vehicles with true upmarket credentials,” said Martin Smith, executive design director, Ford of Europe. “We wanted to create something unique for Ford, with world-class quality and craftsmanship.

“Ford Vignale premium services will meet the needs of the customer for whom time is the ultimate luxury – and they would be made to feel special from the moment they walk in the door,” commented Gaetano Thorel, European Marketing vice president.

For now, you can take another look at the styling portion of the Vignale sub-brand in the gallery that follows below.


Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-1Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-2Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-3Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-4Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-5Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-6SONY DSCFord-Vignale-Mondeoi-8Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-9Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-10Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-11Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-12Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-13Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-14Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-15Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-16Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-17Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-18Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-19Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-20Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-21Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-22Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-23Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-24Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-25Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-26Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-27Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-30Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-31Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-32Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-33Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-34Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-35Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-36Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-39Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-40Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-41Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-42Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-43Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-44Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-45Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-46Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-47Ford-Vignale-Mondeoi-48Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-1Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-10Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-11Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-12Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-13Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-14Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-15Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-16Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-17Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-18Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-19Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-2Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-20Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-21Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-22Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-23Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-24Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-25Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-26Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-27Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-28Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-3Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-4Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-5Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-6Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-7Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-8Ford-Mondeo-Vignale-9

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