Kid Sand-Drifts a Ferrari 458 Italia in Libya

Of all the things boys dream of, driving a Ferrari probably ranks up there with getting unrestricted access to the ice cream truck or being able to buy as many toys as possible (at least before puberty, if you know what I’m saying…). The following video, allegedly originating from Libya, shows a kid that happens to be around a Ferrari 458 Italia (probably his father’s), left with its engine running and the door open. Presumably, another kid films him while he jumps into the driver’s seat and tries to conquer the sand. He even manages to drift the car a few times, although from the sounds of the engine, he probably couldn’t press the gas pedal completely. The quality of the video is rather poor, but it looks like the car is the real deal and not a replica. We knew modern supercars were easy to drive, but we didn’t expect the Ferrari 458 Italia to be so child-friendly (unless, that is, it’s some kind of a well-played hoax…). Scroll down to watch the boy’s sand joyride.By Dan Mihalascu