Lamborghini Aventador Splits in Two After Crashing with a Sedan in New York! [w/Video]

An unbelievable accident involving a Lamborghini Aventador and a sedan model, reportedly a Mazda, took place this past Sunday in the neighborhood of Mill Basin, in Brooklyn, New York. The $400,000 Italian supercar snapped in two, but amazingly, there are no reports of any serious injuries in the incident. The crash was caught on camera from two nearby CCTV cameras, which show a dark colored sedan turning left from the opposite lane when the white Lamborghini Aventador was approaching (14 seconds into the video). The Italian car clipped the front corner of the sedan, which sent it crashing into a tree and breaking into two pieces. A Reddit user, who goes by the username “nunii“, was an eyewitness to the accident and he took the pictures of the aftermath. “Car is split in half ….the driver of the lambo was walking around like nothing happen !” he said in a comment. “There was another car involved in the accident, looks like a Mazda started to go past the stop sign when the limbo was approaching obviously at a high rate of speed and had to maneuver to get out of the way” The owner of the Lamborghini Aventador remains unnamed, at least for now, as on the VWvortex forums, member “dieselraver” says he snapped shots (last two pictures in the gallery) of said car a couple of months ago, but he’s “refraining” from telling us who he is… If any of you have more details, videos and pictures of the incident and would like to share them with the rest of our readers, post them in the comments section below or just send us an email and we’ll update this post. Photos via Reddit/Nunii & VWvortex/Dieselraver , Story References: Jalopnik