Oddball 1988 Ford Concept GT with Pontiac Fiero Heart and Soul

Have you ever stumbled across a car that has you scratching your head for any number of reasons, but mostly about its origins? Well, we did when we saw this “1988 Ford Concept 2000 GT” purportedly “built by GM“, which allegedly made 13 of them.

Maybe we missed something here, but as hard as we tried, we couldn’t find any Ford concepts from the 1980s that resemble the Concept 2000 GT, nor did we discover any Blue Oval studies made by GM. If any of you happen to know otherwise, please do inform us in the comments section below.

What we did see is that, the Ford Concept 2000 GT is clearly based on the Pontiac Fiero, something that’s evident from the interior, while some web searching landed us to this snapshot of an article written by Joe Greeves, in which he explains that it’s a futuristic kit car conversion made by a one David Tidwell.

Nothing of the sort is mentioned in the seller’s description of the car on Web Autos, which you can find after the break. The car itself has 16,000 miles (25,700 km) on the odo and is listed for sale for $22,995 (€17,100).

Seller’s Description:

“1988 Ford Concept 2000 For Sale~Prototype Vehicle Built by GM~Only 13 Made!

1988 Ford Concept 2000, Very Rare Prototype, Only 13 Hand Built

In 1988 Ford Built the Concept 2000, There were only 13 made, the bodies built and were installed onto the Fiero platform. This Created a Great Mid Engine Super Car. Unfortunately the Prototype was never brought in to full production. Its powered by a V6 Turbo charged Motor and is very fast & fun

For Sale By Owner & Located in Delray Beach, Florida

Sweeping lines and a high-angle hatchback design characterized the 1987 Ford concept 2000 GT model. It was a marked departure from the traditional look of this make, particularly with its nose-down racing stance.”



  • Dave Gray

    Without waxing too verbose I will say that the Concept 2000 was both named and made by me and the molds were made by me. I’m Dave Gray of Professional Prototypes and when the 1988 Fierrio rolled into my shop in Dunedin Fla in 1988 it only had 600 miles on it. Dave Tidwell had his idea of what it should look like and the argument started there and continued throughout the whole process. His money-his way. Seems natural enough, but I had already made more molds for more kit cars than anyone he knew, including the the first 84′ Vette Convertable for Danny Heath, the Auburn, Chord, LN-33, 53′ Corvette, three different Testa Rosas, several street-rods and felt rightly or wrongly I had earned the right to argue with him continually. The only thing Ford about the car is the look of the rear-view mirrors a few years before Ford came out with a similar configuration. I really wanted Concept 2000 to look a little more like Jaguar’s concept car at the time but I’m not too displeased with what we came up with, despite our differences. I created the LN-33 from scratch to fit a VW convertible and we sold 50 of them. Tidwell only sold 13 or whatever. Jus sayen. Kit Car magazine liked it enough to do a feature on it and I still have a copy for nostalgia sake. I don’t fantasize there are too many folks that want to know any more, so I’ll quit.

    • Status

      Why should anyone believe you? You believe in a middle-eastern desert god, therefore your judgement is skewed and not fit for the first world.

      • Dave Gray

        How did a kit car manufacturer with four degrees in Bible Theology become, in your mind alone, a worshiper of an admittedly false, pedophile god? I can only believe you are responding to a different thread than I’m on. Nobody on this planet thinks less of false religions than I do. YHVH is my God!

        • Six Thousand Times

          I think your guy hails from that part of the world as well and that’s what Status was on about but no matter. I’m guessing more than a couple of mushrooms were involved in the design of this creation. Oh, and Ford had been playing with those integrated mirrors that appeared on the ’89 Probe since the early series of Probe concept cars – that might have been the source of your inspiration.

          • Dave Gray

            I don’t think anyone is ever the only one to get an idea. They’re out there in the ether, so to speak, and are grabbed by differing amounts of thinkers in unpredictable order. The definition of a genius is someone who can make anything but a living, or at least so it seems to those of us with lamentably unremunerated investments in serial inspirations others got to first.

        • Status

          And your god simply doesn’t exist, irrespective of how your choose to address it. No gods exist, and therefore, your theology degrees are valueless.

          So hung up on ‘the name of god’ to realize that there simply wasn’t any god begin with. It’s really ceaseless tail-chasing masked as a virtue.

          • Dave Gray

            The true beauty of an opinion is that it is something you can own and NEVER have to share-with anyone. It is, I’m ashamed to say, a matter of supreme indifference to me where and with whom you choose to spend your eternity! God is a gentlemen, You want a life without Him, He’ll go you one better and give you forever with out Him. Good deal, huh?

          • Status

            The burden of proof has always rested on those with who make the claims; you need to back it up with hard evidence that can be tested again and again.

            For me, you need to prove the soul exists. If you can’t prove the soul exists, then you cannot prove that souls travel places after death. If you can’t prove souls travel place after death, then you cannot prove heaven or hell exist. If you cannot prove heaven or hell exist, then there’s no reason to believe any god (even your god) exists.

            If you don’t believe souls exist, then how could anyone know that there is a magical fairy land called heaven or hell that exists in some magical super-dimension outside this universe? The universe, by definition, cannot have any kind of outside force acting upon it from outside; there simply isn’t an outside.

            By the way, life is a biological function. It isn’t handed out or administered by your god or any god.

            You want to make a really good deal? Sell me heaven. Sell your god to me. Make me believe. Convince me. I doubt not because I have a ‘hardened heart’ (which is medically impossible), I doubt because I’ve been scammed by Islam in the past, and I want to know what I’m getting into is the real thing.

          • Dave Gray

            It didn’t show on this thread. Did you get my clever retort yesterday evening?

          • Status

            Did you find hard evidence of the soul yet, or better yet, proof of your fantasy god? Don’t tell me you didn’t do your homework.

          • Dave Gray

            I keep trying to send you the Epilogue from my book, which deals with the validity of the claims of my “fantasy God.” I’ve sent it twice now and you obviously haven’t received it. Is there another address where you can receive it? Otherwise, my email is [email protected]. (We resettled 3000 refugees, over 25 years, hence the refugeeman moniker.) Email me and I can send you the file that is seemingly too long for these folks to want to forward. Over 50 years ago, I viewed a filmed study of a man who was about to die. They had him, his gurney, hoses etc on a large scale. At the moment of his death, it all lost over three quarters of an ounce, believed to be pure energy. Christian or Spiritualist, something left; something is no longer there, what? I looked on Wikipedia and can’t find substantiation, but read somewhere that about 4.5 lbs of solar energy hit the Earth each second, the equivalent of several atomic blasts. Based on that supposition, three quarters of an ounce is more significant than we would imagine.

          • Status

            We already know what happens after death. It’s called forensic pathology, and a forensic pathologist would tell you that 3/4 of an ounce that varies wildly from one deceased individual to another is actually a measure of the liquids and gases that a body expels as it decomposes.

            The O2 and N concentrations that you and I inhale and exhale have a weight when compressed in our lungs. When someone dies, their higher automatic motor functions in your brain cease moving the diaphragm, and any gases (as compounds or elements) lighter than air in the lung simply leave.

            Yes, compressed gases have a weight. Just ask any scuba or technical diver.

            Also, a forensic pathologist would tell you that because the brain is no longer functioning upon death, muscles that were held under contractions will loosen, including all the sphincter muscles within that construct the flow of liquids. It’s not unheard of a recently deceased human to appear to urinate or defecate themselves upon death. Blood flow too becomes another fluid that can simply leave the body following death.

            Lastly, moisture in the human body is also subject to evaporation. The skin of dead human body has been well documented to contract upon death as the skin dries out.

            Really, I don’t think it’s very hard for a human body to be off by 3/4 of an ounce in weight. Either way, it doesn’t prove the soul exists.

            You might want to read up on the 21 gram story. It’s the same idea, but it’s been thoroughly discredited for well over 100 years.


            The above link should also be telling to you that the story of the soul having weight occurs well before the advent of medical imaging, whereupon no soul has been seen within the human body.

            …and if it can’t be seen (or explained by the absence of weight), there no reason to think it exists.

          • Dave Gray

            What I witnessed, (admittedly second hand, on screen) was at the INSTANT of death, a SUDDEN drop of weight of all that was on the scale-bed, tubes, gurney, the whole nine yds. No time for dripping, squirting, expectorating or aspirating-instantly. No faint, ethereal clouds, wafting toward the ceiling, no bright flashes; nothing even spiritual or spiritualist mentioned or hypothesized. As if demons could be believed, they insist they try to surround and encompass the pons, between the medulla and the mid-brain, where they insist the spirit (that’s soul to you) hangs out. All this spoken through someone who wouldn’t know the difference between a Pons and a Mons. Twenty-five years of ministry in the satanic kingdom of Haiti causes me to KNOW stuff you would never BELIEVE without experiencing!
            I’m thinking of making my book available for free over the Christmas week. It’s only $3.50 regular price, so I’m not in it for the bucks. If I don’t get the Epilogue to you soon, ya can get the whole thing free. An athiest dean of one of the colleges in Chicago is still trying to come up with a retort for it.

          • Status

            Bear in mind that what you witnessed on screen is also subject to a editing suite; manned by a video editor, and instructed by a video producer. With that, time compression can distort the sequence of events, the reorder scenes to fit a larger narrative, and then can eliminate any due objectivity of the actual event.

            At any rate, a video proves little if it can’t be independently verified, and the internet itself it dumping ground for many thousands of videos that purport to show the impossible. I’ve seen videos of ‘prayer sparkles’ appearing in a concrete block wall in a Christian church. Chinese Qi practitioners proving that they can move a piece of metal inside a glass jar. Muslims claiming that Coca-Cola when poured upon pork will cause maggots to appear. UFO-centric religions that believe they can summon UFOs piloted by alien-gods in the sky at will following prayer. Hindus who believe an egg hatching ceremony will produce numbers that can be used to win the lottery.

            The list is endless, with believers from all religions eager to prove to the entire world that they are right, and to cast seeds of doubt in the minds of other believers.

            As for the soul (or spirit if you like as I make no real distinction between the two), it still stands as a ethereal myth that’s supposed to anchor the material (which can be proven) to the immaterial (which by definition cannot be proven). By its very invention, it prevents itself from being tested, be it measured or seen. Therefore if there is a soul, and it does inhabit every single human (both theists and atheists), we should have absolutely no hint or evidence that it does exist within us, as no tool, means of measurement, or instrument of analysis can even detect it. Therefore, following a sudden death, the purported weight loss would be attributed to the collapse of sensory-motor functions resulting from brain death.

            The whole premise of a soul that exists but cannot be detected is a bit absurd. If it cannot be detected or proven convulsively, how can anyone say it does exist without hard evidence?

            On the other hand, a soul that exists and can be detected upon death should have a mean weight which can predicted and eventually located. I know Descartes would have taken this route, and he did believe that the pineal gland was where the soul was, but I can forgive him for living in a time of early neurological studies and within a time where human dissection was largely illegal.

            As for the book, I wouldn’t be surprised if this website, or even disqus, has a copyright filter. Your book and it’s passages have likely be cataloged by the feature, and any posts that are taken wholesale from a book without citation or remuneration would be flagged for removal by an automated process. If you have an ISBN number, then your book is likely covered by copyright. If your book is a digital publication, then I don’t know what is preventing it from being posted here.

            Whatever the case is, I would still have a look at it.

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