Rolls-Royce Crafts Unique Gold-Themed Ghost Chengdu Golden Sunbird Edition

Shortly after unveiling the unique Phantom Celestial bespoke model at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Rolls-Royce has shown another one-off, this time based on the Ghost entry-level model (funny how a $272,000 car gets to be called an entry-level one). Revealed on Rolls-Royce’s official Facebook page, the Ghost Chengdu Golden Sunbird is inspired by an ancient Chinese artifact from the late Shang Dynasty called the Golden Sun Bird, discovered in 2001 in Chengdu city and represented by the sculpture shown in the first photo from the gallery. The one-off Ghost appears to be based on the LWB model and features many bespoke motifs inspired by the ancient ring-shaped piece of foil, made of nearly pure gold. The design of the treasure, including the four birds flying in the same counter-clockwise direction around the sun, can be seen on the Ghost’s embroidery, veneers and the coach-line motif. The golden paint that covers the engine bonnet, roof and boot lid, as well as the golden upholstery and golden treadplates are also unique features of the Rolls-Royce Ghost Chengdu Golden Sunbird. Rolls-Royce doesn’t say it, but the Spirit of Ecstasy statue appears to be made of gold too. One thing is for sure; the gold theme is treated much more tastefully than on the Fenice Milano gold-plated Rolls-Rolls Ghost we saw last year. The client that commissioned this unique car remains anonymous, but we assume he or she comes from China. By Dan Mihalascu