Shocking Video of Range Rover Running Over Several Bikers while Chased in NYC [Update IV]

Warning: some viewers may find certain scenes in the video to be distressing A horrifying video of an appalling incident that took place in New York City between the driver of a black Range Rover and a large group of motorcyclists taking part in what is said to be an annual bikers’ meeting has been making the internet rounds this morning. According to online commentators, the incident left one rider dead, several others injured, and the driver of the SUV in a coma, though, we have yet to confirm all this from official sources [Update: NYPD said that no one died in the incident and that the only person injured was the driver of the Range Rover]. The motorcycle-helmet-sourced footage surfaced on several sites including YouTube, from multiple authors, but at the time we wrote this piece, we hadn’t discovered the original source. In the footage, we see dozens of bikers circling the black Range Rover and eventually slowing down to a halt (at the 50 second mark), then, all of a sudden, the SUV makes a run for it driving over several riders. A group of motorcyclists then chases the SUV on the freeway until they catch up with the driver on the Cross Bronx Expressway exit, and attempt to attack (at 4:55), but he or she makes another run for it, crashing into another biker(s) in the process. The motorcyclists hop onto their bikes and continue the chase until the Range Rover hits traffic, with riders then breaking the windows of the SUV, at which point, the video ends… If anyone has more information on the incident including the original video, you can contact us through email or in the comments below and we’ll update this report. Update: We found what we believe to be the original video (date September 29), while an NYPD spokesman told the Mail Online that the driver was a man in his 30s with his wife and child of under the age of five. The spokesman said that the only person injured was the driver who was taken to the hospital for lacerations to his face and body and that contrary to online commentators, there were no other injuries or a death as originally reported. The incident is still being investigated. Update II: More sources have corroborated the information mentioned above, including the NYpost, and in particular, that amazingly, no motorcyclist was hurt. We also learned that no arrests have been made – yet… Update III: More information has surfaced online about the incident. According to the NY Times, the police said that the encounter began on 12th Avenue at about 2 p.m. on Sunday, September 29, adding that they believe, “the riders were in Manhattan as part of a planned but unauthorized event in which hundreds of motorcyclists were to assemble downtown”.
Meanwhile, the name of the Range Rover driver who ran over the bikes and was later on assaulted by a number of riders has been identified by the NY Daily as Alexian Lien. His wife, Rosalyn Lien, was in the car at the time along with their young daughter. Lien, director of an e-commerce firm, has not been charged by police.
Also, Instagram user Redyredbx, posted new pictures from the incident along with a post that reads, ” #wokeup 2 watching the video of that fuckin#range#rover that #RanOva #several #bikers and ran for miles but our #relentless #riders chase his ass down thru #manhattan #fuckin#Bastard #rip#Rider &#getBetter soon #riders”


Update IV: It appears that the loose motorcycle gathering was an unauthorized event dubbed “Hollywood Stuntz”. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told the WSJ that his department had received intelligence on the group before Sunday’s run. “This is a major stunt event where motorcyclists from various locations come together,” Kelly said. “Their ultimate goal is to get into Times Square, which they did last year.” We looked up the group’s Statigram page, and found a posting from a one “Brian K.” (or “briankiseljewsky“) who appears to have taken part in the ride. He places the blame on the Range Rover driver while insisting that the bikers were out on the road just for fun. See his posting below.