Special Friends Forever Politely Greet Each Other on the Road with…Metal Rods

Unless there’s another video hiding somewhere in the strange depths of the internet waiting to be discovered and which could explain some of the things we see in this clip, let’s welcome you to another episode of the baffling mysteries on Russian roads. If these hot-headed guys don’t have a prehistory, then this must be one of the fastest reactions to a driver spluttering out some offensive (we assume) words that we have ever seen on the web. As soon as the black Toyota Land Cruiser pokes its nose in front of the dashboard-camera car and the driver says something to the occupants of the blue MPV (Mitsubishi?), the latter jump out as if their behinds were spring-loaded, holding metal rods in their hands, which they use to attack the big SUV. From what we understand, this took place in the city of Irkutsk in Russia.