Spied: New Porsche Macan Turbochargers its Way Around the 'Ring

The new Porsche-branded SUV that many will come to describe as a “baby” Cayenne, and which holds true for the most part, albeit in a cuter and better looking way, the Macan, has been photographed again with very few pieces of camouflage plastered on its body doing some quick laps around the Nürburgring race track. Peel away the cheeky printouts from the front and rear light clusters and the side window extensions with your imagination, and what you’re left with is the actual Macan compact SUV that will make its international premiere at the Los Angeles Auto Show in late November (officially confirmed). The big alloy wheels with the appropriately sized brake discs, the quad tail pipes at the back and the expanded front air vents tell us that this tester is the Macan Turbo powered by a new twin-turbocharged V6 churning out around 380 horses. If that’s not enough, we hear Porsche will introduce a Turbo S model with about 420-horsepower. For those who with lesser needs and shallower pockets, Porsche will offer a choice of four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline and, at least in Europe, diesels as well. The Macan will sit on the VW Group’s new MLB platform, shared with the next Audi Q5, and will be offered exclusively with all-wheel drive. Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoopS