Tesla Model S Drag Raced Against the Aston Martin Rapide S

With European deliveries of the Tesla Model S started last month, we’re beginning to see more reviews of the U.S. electric sedan, as auto journalists from the Old Continent get behind the wheel of the the luxury EV. The latest one comes from UK’s Autocar, which has put the Tesla to the test against the Aston Martin Rapide S. Pitting the 410hp Tesla against the much more powerful and expensive 550hp Aston will no doubt raise some eyebrows, but the only reason the publication did that was to put the Model S’ acceleration into context. We’ll let you find out which car was fastest, but before that, you might want to know that Steve Sutcliffe was very impressed with the car’s “unreal acceleration” and good handling. He also had nice things to say about the Model S’ interior, especially the 17-inch touchscreen, which he reckoned many carmakers will imitate in the future. Scroll down to see what else Sutcliffe had to say about the Tesla.By Dan Mihalascu