Check Out this Exclusive Detailed Look at the McLaren P1

Now that you’ve had time to let all of the performance figures of hybrid hypercars like McLaren’s P1 sink into your brain, it’s time for the more interesting part of seeing how it all comes together, and how it works. It’s a car, so it needs to feel like one, especially now when there’s no longer an excuse for ultra-high performance models to be completely impractical, as we’ve seen that balance can be achieved. Thankfully, if the 12C supercar is anything to go by, then the P1 should be fine. Shmee150 has had a good poke around the latter, making three videos detailing his time with the car. He was able to catch up with it as the owner had had taken it to have protective film stuck to its body, for obvious carbon fiber clear coat stone chipping reasons. The first video’s highpoint is the passenger ride that shows just how much of an overkill move it is to drive the P1 through regular traffic, at regular speeds, and the ease with which it accelerates and does away with gears is impressive. According to the uploader, “The other videos you are going to see of this car include a detailed tour looking around it, showing you the interior, inside the various flaps and parts of the car and talking about some of the features.” Check all of them out after the virtual break!By Andrei Nedelea