Daihatsu Kopen Roadster Concepts One Step Before Production

About two years after Daihatsu gave us a first glimpse of its conceptual proposal for a replacement to the Copen small roadster with the funky D-X studies featuring interchangeable exterior components, the Japanese automaker is returning to the Tokyo Motor Show with the Kopen Concepts that are much closer to the production model that’s rumored to be presented next year. The styling is based on the D-X with the Kopen gaining production lights, wheels and bumpers (front and back), while the interior has also been reworked. Daihatsu is showing two versions of the Kopen, which like the previous study, was made to easily accept different body parts. The first version is the more traditional looking RMZ (in blue and orange-copper hues), while the second one is the (green colored) ΧΜΖ with crossover styling cues via body cladding. Both editions measure 3,395mm long, 1,475mm wide and 1,275mm tall and come with a retractable metal top. The two seaters are powered by a 0.66-liter three-cylinder unit connected to a CVT with steering wheel mounted paddles.