Did a Prototype of New 2015 Subaru WRX Appear on Japanese TV?

Admittedly, when Carscoops’ reader and tipster i-Ryuji from Japan first told and showed us two screenshots of what he believed to be a prototype for the next generation Subaru WRX / STI model, we were very doubtful. That is, until we sat down and watched the report from Japan’s WBS (World Business Satellite) television show back from March on automatic brake technology that included prototypes from Subaru showcasing their next generation “EyeSight” advanced driving assist system. What initially appeared as a shadow on the hood turned out to be a large intake, we’d like to believe for the turbocharger (that or some high-tech measuring equipment), while it looks like the Subaru prototype car was fitted with wheel arch add-ons and bigger than usual brake discs. We don’t get to see the rear end of the car, but there’s no wing at the back, while European prototypes seen in the past also had bespoke grilles and more aggressively styled bumpers that are both absent from this model. The video’s low quality doesn’t allow us to gather more information, but all told, we wouldn’t be surprised if it is indeed a JDM development prototype or a test mule for the WRX / STI series, which itself, has been rumored for a world premiere at the Los Angeles and Tokyo auto shows on late November. Story References: WSB via Ryuji Shout out to i-Ryuji for the submission!