DIY: World's Cheapest Racing Exhaust Will Cost You Less Than a $1

Are you jealous of all those boy racers with their tuned hot hatches and coupes waking up the neighborhood with their raspy engine sounds, but can’t afford the money for such expensive parts and labor on your car? Fear not, as there’s an affordable solution for just about everyone with a few pennies in their pockets and which comes straight from Poland and the cheeky crew at Auto Świat magazine. What is it, we hear you ask? It’s a poor man’s racing exhaust kit that includes a zip tie and a flexible rubber tube with a similar diameter to your tailpipe, plus two minutes of your time. Even if it’s in Polish, the video is pretty much self-explanatory, and while it works, we will remind you that these guys are just kidding around and that, depending on where you live, your local cops may not share the same sense of humor…Thanks to Alen S. for the heads up!