It's Raining Boats, Tires, Horses and Idiots in Russia

Every day seems like a new adventure on Russian roads, and thanks to the all-seeing dashboard cameras, we often have the opportunity to re-live these offbeat occurrences and situations from the comfort of our desk. This time, we have not one, but four different and unrelated incidents from mother Russia, beginning with a boat tied on the roof of a car that – you guessed it, decided to go air-borne on the highway. The next video comes from Moscow showing a car losing a…wheel on the freeway and spitting plenty of sparks on the road in the process, while the third clip takes us to the city of Orenburg where drivers were confronted by a band of horses – and not of the singing type, mind you… As for the last scene, it’s more serious, but luckily, not fatal, with an asshat of a driver speeding around in the city before slamming into a pedestrian, who reportedly sustained non-life threatening injuries.