Kia Motors America Confirms EV Variant of New Soul for U.S. Market

Kia has gained much more respect as an automaker in recent years, making better and better cars, and listening to the demands of its customers more than others and gaining a lot in doing so. However, what the Korean automaker is doing is in no way original or trend-setting, as it’s simply going with the general direction of the industry and trying to make the best of it… That means EVs as well, so Kia Motors America (KMA) is hard at work on an all-electric variation of the new Soul city crossover/hatchback, which it officially confirmed for the U.S. market, after months of speculation. As usual, actual palpable information was limited, but they did promise to offer more details at an upcoming major US motor show – battery pack size, range and drivetrain configuration are the points of interest for us. When the Soul EV eventually goes on sale, it will sport aerodynamic improvements meant to not only make it better at cutting through the air, but also mark it out as different. We expect it to be similar to the transformation of the Optima into the Optima Hybrid. By Andrei Nedelea Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoopS