New Skoda Rapid SpaceBack from £14,340 in the UK

The European release of the new Skoda Rapid Spaceback continues with the UK market where the Czech carmaker announced pricing and specification details ahead of its arrival in showrooms in January 2014.

The hatch-estate hybrid (in terms of styling, not powertrains) is available in three trim levels named S, SE and Elegance, with Skoda also offering personalization design options, including panoramic glass roof and elongated tailgate glass.

The engine lineup comprises of three petrol and two diesel units ranging in output from 85hp (86PS) to 120hp (122PS, which can be combined with either manual or DSG automatic transmissions. Skoda also offers a special GreenLine version with low CO2 emissions of 99g/km.

All Rapid Spaceback models are fitted with air-conditioning, curtain airbags, front electric windows and a height and reach adjustable steering column as standard. The SE models add alloy wheels, acoustic rear parking sensors, cruise control and a Bluetooth telephone connection, while Elegance models include climate control, height-adjustable passenger seat and cornering front fog lights.

Prices start from £14,340 and top out at £18,900.


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