Photos of New BMW 4-Series Convertible Look Legit to Us

What we believe to be official images of the new BMW 4-Series Convertible have just surfaced online. They’re claimed to be sourced from BMW’s accessories brochure, which would explain the bike rack. The 4-Series Convertible looks exactly like what you’d expect it to…without the camouflage on the prototype models that we’ve seen over the past year or so. Even though you can’t see it in these photos, the new member of the 4-Series family will retain its predecessor’s metal folding roof that tucks away in the boot area. The model lineup will mirror that of the 4-Series Coupe and will be dominated by turbocharged four-cylinder diesel and gasoline engines (at least in Europe), while also offering at least two turbocharged six-cylinder units, one for the 335i and the other for the future M4 Convertible. We expect the open top 4-Series to make its first public appearance at the Los Angeles Auto Show in late November. Photos BMW via Forumpro