Poor Exotics: A Recent Gallery of Crashed Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren Supercars

From Saudi Arabia to Britain, and from the USA to China and back to China again (evidently, the country’s increasing wealth has resulted in more and more supercars on the road), exotic supercars are being slaughtered on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s the drivers fault, sometimes another motorist is to blame, sometimes it’s a bit of both, and sometimes it’s just fate playing its part. Whichever the case, the result is the same, and quite often, these cars are decommissioned as insurance companies are quick to write them off when the repair cost is more than the value of the car itself. Below you will find a gallery of recently crashed exotics with a couple of less fancy sports cars like the Corvette and Tesla Roadster thrown into the mix. Photos via Wreckedexotics and for the California images No2, No3 and No4, Zero2turbo