Sebastian Vettel Wins 4th F1 Title, Gets Fined €25,000 for Donut Celebrations…

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel was crowned Formula 1 World Champion for the fourth consecutive year on Sunday, after winning the Indian Grand Prix. The German has now the same number of titles as Alain Prost and has only two other great drivers to beat: Juan Manuel Fangio (5 titles) and Michael Schumacher (7 titles). The 26-year-old driver is the youngest double, triple and now quadruple world champion. Although he started the race on pole-position, Vettel quickly dropped to 17th place following an early pitstop to change tires. The German then started to work his way up and by lap 21, he was second, behind Red Bull teammate Mark Webber. On lap 33, Vettel raced in front again and kept the position until the end of the race. Naturally, after he crossed the finish line he wanted to celebrate so he made some donuts on the front straight during the celebration lap. One would think he would get away with that, even in a politically-correct sport like Formula 1; well, he didn’t. FIA regulations stipulate that the winning car must go straight to “parc ferme” after the race, and Vettel broke that rule as he stopped the car on the grid after doing the donuts, got out of it and threw his gloves into the grandstand. The idea behind the rule is to prevent interference with the car – which obviously didn’t happen. Nevertheless, FIA officials quickly reached Vettel’s car to “neutralise” it, and Vettel with his team manager were called up by the stewards. They decided to reprimand Vettel and fine the team €25,000 ($34,470). You can watch Vettel’s hoon-style celebration in the video below. By Dan Mihalascu


  • FastRabbit08PL

    Let him celebrate! Why such a big deal for doing burnouts? I know rules are rules but in some cases they should just ignore or maybe give warning. Now give it up for Vettel!!

  • oz

    so he’s a man after all, not a machine..
    Congrats Seb.

  • john1168

    Obviously there are NO car guys running the race! Gimmie a freakin break! Let them do the donuts.

  • Akira

    The FIA is such a joke…

  • GoFaster58

    $25,000 fine for Vettel is like me losing 25 cents.

  • Major Lee Gassole


  • Dan

    He could have bought a new Infiniti with that money though…. bwahahahaha!!!