Japanese Interwebs Make Fun of Lexus' Spindle Grille and its Designer

Leave it to the internet to put a humorous touch on a controversial subject such as Lexus’ new signature spindle grille as seen on the new RC Coupe, which, while not as hotly debated as Chris Bangle’s infamous BMW flame surfacing, the 2014 Jeep Cherokee’s diplopia snout or Acura’s “beak”, it still doesn’t sit well with many couch design critics.

We discovered this manipulated photo circulating around a number of Japanese forums, which shows Yasuo Kajino, group manager in the Lexus Division Design Center, with a…pinched or as Lexus calls it, “spindle” style mouth-piece.

In an interview about the new ES sedan that was hosted on Lexus’ own website and magazine, Kajino was asked what he thought were the most important exterior design changes in the new car, to which he had replied the following:

“One significant change is the adoption of the spindle grille, which was first used on the new GS. This enhances the emotional impact of the face, which is immediately identifiable as a Lexus and helps to strengthen the brand identity.”

We have to ask; do you think people are overreacting with Lexus’ pinched grille or do you agree with them? Do tell us below.



  • Predator

    It’s not hard to know where this styling was really derived from…


    • fabri99

      WTF is that!??!?!

      • rebman

        Seriously? Not a slam on you, but you must be under 30. Go rent and watch Predator. Only the first one, the rest you can skip, especially Alien vs Predator (AVP).

        • Status

          You must be over 30. Renting a movie?

          • Mike Lyden

            LOL. I LOVE this. Don’t forget to rewind it.

            For the record: The Predator is the most awesome action-scifi-Schwarzenegger film ever made (just ahead of Total Recall). Also, Jean Claude VanDAmme almost played the Predator. <—-we lucked out that he didn't. Though JCVD was pretty epic for a while there with BloodSport, Universal Soldier and TimeCop. —end of thread hijack—

          • magic3400

            Dude, you don’t rewind DVDs…LOL

      • Miami Built

        It’s Chief Designer of ToyoLexus. Buttboi Suckcockiroshi 😂😂😂😂😂

    • masers

      Front and rear ends are way overstyled, but the proportions and side profile are really impressive:


      Sleek and low slung like a dedicated sports coupe, as opposed to the tall and chunky Honda Accord 2 door sedan look of the 4-series and C-class “coupes”. Even with that garish grille, on the streets this thing is going to have presence in spades. Lexus, you’ve surprised me. Now fix the fascias already, no need to scream and shout when you’ve got the proportions so right.

      • Miami Built

        Lmao!! Are you Lexyota salesman? Trust me that comment will not help you make the sales quota. If you knew your product well you wouldn’t deny the fact that the new RC and RC-F coupes look like Bulging Accord Coupes on steroids. 😆 And that hideous IS sedan? With the Nike Swoosh daytime LED’s, I mean everything in the Lexyota line up is at best mediocre and hideous. Hyundai’s and Kias are looking wayyy better these days than the average boring Lexyota. That being said a sexy 4-Series or C-Class coupe will spank that behind anytime. And the rage starts in 3……..2………..1!!!

      • Six_Tymes

        I disagree, from the sides they all look to heavy, mostly side view rear bumpers look terrible.

    • psiaqtas

      Yeah man, my thought about that awkward design was absolutely the same…Predator!

    • Miami Built

      I fell out of chair as soon as this popped up😆😆😆

    • Six_Tymes

      Yep. or the head of an electric razor.

  • YipYap

    it looks so overdone in every vehicle. that’s bad design.

  • Shane

    I love Lexus front end..so much better then the vanilla-ness that was before.

    • donald seymour

      Yeah, I rather have this then the plane mundane bs that designers give us. Its time for something new and risky.

      • Miami Built

        It’s too gay and over done. A posers ride no doubt.👍🏻

    • Miami Built

      Vanilla-ness Vs’ Gay-ness? I’ll take the latter. Thanks!

  • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

    I think you guys are just over reacting
    I love it so far

    • Miami Built

      Maybe since you’re gay. Lol.

      • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

        i think you have a problem with talking to other and behave manner

        • Miami Built

          Oh relax Putin I was just having a little fun with you. 🙄

  • AstonMartin

    I’m so completely turned off by Lexus right now and I’m an owner. I have no doubt the upcoming LS and SC replacements will carry forward this wide mouth design philosophy. Its a real distraction and does not elicit the thought of luxury.

    • Miami Built

      Not at all. Lexyota went from imitating mostly BMW and Mercedes to copying Hyundai, and stealing some ques from Audi. Totally hideous but then again the crowd they are catering to mostly lack style, sophistication, and prestige. These are now cars for those begging for someone to notice them. Smh.

  • Jim T

    I had waited for the latest Lexus IS350 and wanted to purchase it until I saw it. Very pleased with the two previous IS models I owned but I just couldn’t see owning the new Lexus IS.

    • Miami Built

      It’s weird looking all around, but what made it worse were those hideous Audi wannabe and Nike Air Swoosh inspired daytime LED’s. Btw does Toyota have an endorsement agreement with Nike? I haven’t been able to find anything so far. Lol🙃

  • Mike Lyden

    For people who like cars, the grill treatment is mostly polarizing. This mini-controversy is a great thing for Lexus: who can remember anyone without a vested interest actually caring about what a Lexus looked like any time before or after the debut of the LF-A? This brand badly needs more flavor and more emotion. A–subjectively–hideously ugly or charmingly unique front-end graphic treatment will help. Objectively, the production of these surfaces is a technical challenge. I’m a little bit impressed with their capabilities.

  • bd

    Hyundai did a similar thing years ago on their Nuvis concept (thank goodness it was just a concept).

    • Miami Built

      Exactly Lexus IS now copying Hundai and a little bit of Kia and adding some slight Audi touches. 😂😂😂

  • Marty Mapson

    Agreed, overdone.

    • Miami Built

      Wayyy wayyy wayyy overdone.

      • Pip

        as someone who seems to absolutely hate Lexus with a passion, you sure seem to spend a lot of time in the comments section of this one article, responding to absolutely EVERY single comment with your two cents. How many times have you said “Lexyota” or “Nike swoosh LED headlights”? Or mention that Lexus now “copies Hyundai”? We got your point the first time, you don’t have to respond to everyone with the exact same comment and then “Lol” at your own jokes. You aren’t funny, you are f**kin annoying as hell. You are the definition of an internet troll at its finest.

        • Lexus Cohen

          He’s in every Lexus forum bashing them and he drives a Mitsubishi. I’m disgusted by people like that!

        • Miami Built

          Stay Mad. LOL!!!!!!

  • Bobby Ang

    Design language is and should be, a ‘language’. Not a template. Audi’s running a template, Mazda too, Lexus as well. BMW has a language, Mercedes is still fiddling with a translator to understand its language. And different cars meant for different purposes should have different design themes.

    • Miami Built

      Mercedes is King though. For not “understanding” it’s language they are doing quite well😊

  • aaronbbrown

    “Modern cars, they all look like electric shavers” (Sin City)

  • KidRed

    I LOL and then cringe when I see a lexus with that grill. Huge fail in my eyes.

    • Miami Built

      That’s just how they roll. 😄

  • aktennis

    The new grille look is fresh and perhaps stylish but it is not practical. Imaging if you rear ended the car in front of you, even at very low speed, the grille is going to be totally damaged! No bumper function at all with this grille.

  • Amore HL

    Have to go along with the majority (especially those people who actually drive a Lexus): Ugly, ugly, ugly. My Mom loves Lexus, has driven one for years, but flat-out refuses to buy one with that ghastly, gaping maw. Idiot “trendy” designers! They are going to lose a lot more buyers than they gain with their “innovative” design.

  • Lexus Cohen

    Lexus has done a great job with the spindle grille, it’s a love it or hate it design and I love it!

  • Stephen

    First Audi tried to outdo Mercedes and Rolls Royce with a “full height” grille, meant to convey a premium image. Now Lexus wants to join the craze, but they don’t want to look like they’re copying… Voila, spindle grille!
    It’s probably put off every potential Lexus buyer over the age of 30, which has brought down the average age of Lexus customers. I wonder what happens when the average age of buyers is 20-30 and nobody is buying the bigger models anymore? And then its 5 minutes is over, the young buyers get bored with the spindle fad, and move on to the next in thing…

    • Miami Built

      Lexus’ first mistake was trying to immitate the Audi grille but instead it morphed into this hideous electric razor look. Now they went from concentrating only on copying the big 3 to imitating mostly Hyundais. Lol. I guess it makes sense that they are focusing on those 30 and under making less than $60k annually. 🙃

  • Juice

    Anyone who doesnt like the spindle grill is either a senior citizen or hater.

    Lexus is defining the next generation of style and design.

    • Miami Built

      Lol! Anyone who likes that nasty looking grill is either stoopid or mediocre if not both. Lexus is still trying so hard to prove itself as capable that they no longer have direction. It’s like every so often they’re just putting all sorts of things together and seeing “what goes”. And since copying the big 3 got them nowhere they turned to copying Hyundai for some strange reason. I doubt people are hating on a rebadged Toyota plus it’s majority customer base will continue to be middle class retirees. Nothing wrong with that actually. 🤓

  • Miami Built

    That was wayyy to funny. 😂😂😂😂😆😆😆 As always thanks for the laughs Lexyota! 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Miami Built

    Lolol!!! 😂😂😂 skit can be said about a Gaping Mouth. Way to go Toyota!!! We live how you guys make us laugh.

  • Jack

    LEXUS IS DESTROYING ITS COMPETITION….Old ass looking Bmws and Audis. Their designs are stuck in the 1990’s LOL

    Lexus haters gotta say something bad…

  • Pan

    Yea, Bmws and Audis are for old douchebags…

    Lexus is the next generation..sorry haters…LOL

  • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

    Is this the gaping mouth that Lexus’ are modeled after? Nice!!! 😂😂😂

  • Bob White

    I call it the cow catcher grill. They are decent cars but that grill is a deal breaker for me. Why can’t the Japs design a decent grill? Infinity’s front ends are decent.

  • BrucieBruce

    Always looks to me like funhouse mirrors or that the car was in some sort of accident. It’s hard to believe that it was designed to look like this on purpose.

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