Super Low Mileage 1991 BMW M3 EVO, 1988 M5 and 1988 M6 for Sale at $158,500 a Piece!

Now here’s what we’d call a BMW M trifecta: the three original icons that essentially created the myth around BMW’s M performance models (okay, there’s also the M1, but that’s a different kind of beast and it was never replaced), which lives on until today. Finding any of the first generation M3, M5 and M6 (M635CSi) separately with low miles and in good condition these days is a Herculean task that will only become more difficult as the years pile up, so you can understand our excitement when we found all three cars listed for sale from the same seller. We’ll begin with the M3 E30 that is a 1991 model. It is said to come with genuine BMW factory EVO upgrades”, which we assume (since they’re not detailed), include the Alcantara wrapped steering wheel, gearshift knob and handbrake lever. The coupe has only 22,478 “original miles” or about 36,167 km on the odometer, and at least from these pictures, looks to be in pristine condition cosmetically, with the only thing missing being the original spider-web style wheels, though, the seller said they’re included. Moving on to the four-door sedan model of the group, the E28 M5 with the much better looking European-spec bumpers, black exterior and beige leather interior is a 1988 model. It too looks exquisite in the pictures, and why shouldn’t it with just 6,655 miles or 10,707 km. We’ll mention that the stock stereo and wheels are absent, while the seller states that “the original owner was Mr. Gerber of Gerber Baby Foods” – no word if he also owned the other cars as well. Last, but not least, is the 1988 M6 Coupe that does come with the original deep-dish spider-web style wheels and tires, and has travelled only 5,950 miles or a mere 9,573 km. The images are pretty much self-explanatory about the cosmetic condition of the car. What isn’t easy to explain, despite the rarity of such low-mileage examples, is the asking price set at $158,500 (€117,500 – or “Make offer”) apiece on eBay, which is pretty high in our book for any negotiations. For instance, we’ve seen E30 M3’s with the same mileage having a negotiable price tag of around $50,000, while we remember this E28 M5 with eight times the mileage at 51,000 miles, but only one-eighth of the price at $19k –spend another $10-20k and you could have it in brand new condition. If you’re serious about any of these cars, we’d advise you to go and check them out for yourself first, see if all numbers match BMW’s records, and naturally, have a mechanic and/or a BMW service center take a good look at them. By John Halas eBay Links: M3 ,M5 ,M6
1991 BMW M3 EVO
1988 BMW M5
1988 BMW M6 / M635CSi

  • Bo Hanan

    LOL. As much as I love my E39-M5, (which would destroy all these cars) they ARE NOT worth $160K+, “COMBINED.”

  • 80sCat&BMW&GunAddict

    Along with the 95 M5 Dinan…the 91 M3…89 M6…96 850CSI….83 320IS…83 320/6…and 50+ others. The only BMW i thought was offensively ugly was the BMW 2000 produced from 65-69.

  • 80sCat&BMW&GunAddict

    E30 or E36???

    • fabri99


      • 80sCat&BMW&GunAddict

        You lucky SOB.

        • 80sCat&BMW&GunAddict

          Got a 02 740il Sport…03 530i Sport…and a 06 325i. Id kill to have an E30 or 36 M3a E39 M5…E24 M6……and about 25 other classics. If i had to choose one…def the E24 M6.